Dear Customer,

It’s a pleasant occasion to have you here. We appreciate your visit and glad you are considering Foodly as your safe ship in the ocean of e-commerce.

Preface. Background of Foodly Theme Development

There are lots of themes on the market that claim to be a right fit for any business need. You are a blogger who needs a writing platform for posting your thoughts — choose XYZ theme. You are a retailer who sells electronics — choose XYZ theme. You are a financial company, therapist etc. — still XYZ theme has something to offer to you. Unfortunately, along with a section dedicated to the particular need of yours, you get a bunch of unnecessary stuff and average attention to your requirements.

In times of personalization and custom attitude to each client, “swiss knife” approach doesn’t work. It doesn’t perform fish dinner as well as a special fork for that. Specific needs require specific tools.

If you are already here, we are probably on the same page on this matter.

Designing Foodly, we were pursuing the very one objective. It is to create a viable business tool for small/middle local producers and family farms to sell their healthy and organic products on the web. We are confident about the result you are checking out right now. This confidence comes not only from the design and coding components of Foodly. It is assured by strong marketing foundation so you get not the theme, but a business tool that really works.

Reading the next chapters, don’t be surprised to find out advice how to promote your product on the Internet. Setting up the store in Shopify admin panel is not enough to make your business successful online. Luckily for you, we know that and know how to assist you here. The first support you can count on is a basic of running a business online. This crucial information is covered in the next chapters of this paper.

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