How to get action URL from MailChimp

You sell cool products, and you have what to say about them. In Foodly theme, we have provided you with MailChimp subscription option. Now you are equipted and ready to spread the word reaching your potential customers and staying in touch with your existing ones through email.

There are two ways how to work with MailChimp within your Shopify store. You can generate your subscribers list from new customers automatically due to MailChimp's Shopify integration. Another way is to switch on subscription form so interested people who have not yet purchased anything in your shop could be notified about "juicy" offers from you.

Before starting gethering subscribers you need to set up subscribtion form and getting action URL for MailChimp. To make everything work, please, go through the following steps below:

  1. Log in your 'MailChimp' account (Fig. 1.12 - [ 1 ]).
  2. Click 'Lists' (Fig. 1.13 - [ 2 ]).
  3. Choose 'Signup Forms' (Fig. 1.13 - [ 4 ]) from dropdown menu (Fig. 1.13 - [ 5 ]). If you haven't had any list yet you need to create it (Fig. 1.13 - [ 3 ]).
  4. Click 'Select' (Fig. 1.14 - [ 6 ]).
  5. In 'Copy/paste onto your site' section find tag form and copy action value (Fig. 1.15 - [ 7 ]).
  6. Paste this action value into the field 'Mailchimp from action URL' in Foodly Theme Settings ('Theme Settings > 'Subscribe form and gift card' > 'Subscribe form')
Figure 1.12
Figure 1.13
Figure 1.14
Figure 1.15